Solace_Duo_Laser380x240.jpg Handpieces-380x240.jpg tip-380x240.jpg foot pedal-380x240.jpg
  • Therapy Handpieces (2)
  • Surgical Handpiece
  • Starter Pack Sterile Surgical Tips (30)
  • Protective Glasses (2)
  • Laser Safety Sign
  • Sterile Surgical Tips (50/box)
  • Doggy Goggles (assorted colors)
  • Mobile Stand
  • Smoke Evacuator

Solace Duo Laser System

Does more. Costs less.

The Solace Duo Laser System is compact, simple to operate and performs therapy, surgical and dental procedures. The Duo is the most efficient and affordable dual purpose system in the veterinary market.

  • Class IV Dual Purpose Therapy and Surgery Laser System
  • Now more powerful
  • Permanent, Teflon-coated Quartz Silica Fiber is durable, flexible, and easy to manage 
  • Medical-grade handpiece with 600µm sterile surgical tips for surgical precision
  • Aiming beam gives pin-point precision in surgery mode
  • Adjustable power 0.1 to 9.0 Watts gives user flexibility in any procedure, for any patient
  • Continuous and Pulse modes
  • 810nm wavelength
  • Balanced, ergonomic handpieces for a variety of procedures
  • Liquid resistant keypad
  • Wireless Footswitch for convenience and safety
  • Compact (6” X 6” X 9”), lightweight and portable
  • Manufactured and serviced in the USA

Warranty: 24 Months

Price: Call

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